The main aim of the school is to positively contribute in improving the standard of education in the country. Academic excellence and ethical standards lie at the core of Siyafundza Private School ethos. To achieve this we go an extra mile in all we do.

At Siyafundza Private School we offer the following: 

  • Secure and professional premises.
  • Fully qualified, experienced and diligent teachers.
  • An excellent teacher-pupil ratio.
  • A caring environment and dedicated teachers.
  • Christian Ethos.
  • Uninterrupted schooling.
  • An environment that promotes
  • Self-awareness and personal fulfillment.
  • A holistic development


We offer science and Maths studies to our students to certify their natural curiosity.


In addition to English and Siswati,we also have French as an additional language in our carriculum.

Computer Studies

With this ever changing world of data we have incorporated computer studies in our curriculum to prepare our students for the world.


We strive to make school interesting for our students, hence we also offer dance and music classes.