About Us


We are part of the education industry and our focus is to provide uninterrupted schooling in an environment that promotes self-awareness, personal fulfillment and a holistic development. We have established a caring environment manned by a team of dedicated teachers. Siyafundza Private School opened its doors to the first preschool learners in 2003. We then enrolled our first Grade 1 class in 2008 and in 2013 we had our first Grade Seven Class, which obtained a 100% pass rate and since then we have not looked back.

Our Vision

To promote citizens who are balanced intellectually, spiritually, and morally for the development of themselves and the larger community.

Our Mission

We are driven by a passion for excellence hence the school will maintain a healthy and conducive environment which will enable our pupils to perform to their maximum potential and steer them on the path to become responsible, disciplined, organized, productive and proactive innovative individuals.

Our Aim and Objectives

The main aim of the school is to positively contribute in improving the standard of education in the country.

Siyafundza Private School subscribes to sound Christian and moral ethics, hence its decision to affiliate with key Christian organizations, such as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Honesty, integrity and reliability are some of the values that define the way of life of the school.  Siyafundza Private School believes that its success will only come when working hand in hand with all its key stakeholders (Ministry of Education, Parents, staff members and other key organisations and individuals).

Our Core Values

To adhere to all rules and regulations as defined by the school and Ministry of Education (Schools’ Act).

To work tirelessly towards the academic achievement of the school goals.

To achieve our goals through effective communication and cooperation of all stakeholders.

To constantly apply and maintain all adopted decisions and meet set targets at all times.

We are committed to being honest and diligent in every aspect of our operation and upholding transparency and accountability